Mara has been learning the art of belly dance since 1998. She has done workshops with renowned belly dancers and choreographers including Amera, Dounia, Caroline, Jrisi and Yasmina from Cairo. Her classical and elegant dance style varies from Egyptian Raqs Al-Sharqi, Greek Ciftetelli – ancient and modern, and Turkish mix.

She also utilises many props such as a live python snake, sword balancing, saiidi, zills (finger cymbals) and veil to compliment her dance.

I have conducted several courses at the Aquatic Centre in Leichhardt , and am frequently requested to fill in for other teachers.

I have also taught Bellyrobics at Fitness First in 2006.

I believe a dancer can never finish learning, so I am constantly seeking to further develop my skills by continuing to learn primarily with Jrisi’s Hathor Dance Studio, Jane’s Belly dance and in 2006 participated in an intensive teaching with world class Cairo belly dancer Yasmina and more recently with Kaeshi Chai from Bellydance Superstars.

Mara can offer a choice of a solo dance performance or a dance troop with live drummer.
Also individual choreographs can be created to suit your wedding requirements.

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